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streetcar / трамвай
имя существительное
tram, streetcar, trolley, tramcar, trolley car
Maybe you sat watching the window because there was a pretty girl who always got off the streetcar when it stopped there after four.
When someone is sitting next to you on the streetcar , then rises to take a single seat that opens up, should this offend you?
A half an hour or so later a young man disembarked from a streetcar and walked into the nearby Desplaines Police Station.
But at least it's not like Toronto, where the streetcar or bus drivers don't carry any change.
My opposition to the streetcars has five points.
Although the streetcars have a historic ambience, the operators have modern equipment at their disposal, such as radios and telephones and more contemporary fare collection equipment.
Toronto has a clean, efficient public transportation system composed of the subway, buses and streetcars .
On Monday morning, Edmontonians woke up to find no streetcars or taxis operating, city hall closed and police and fire patrols limited.
Gustafson said streetcars attract more urban development than bus routes.
For example, city transportation in Tallinn includes buses, trolleys, and streetcars .