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streamer / транспарант, вымпел, узкая лента
имя существительное
transparency, streamer, underline
pennant, streamer, pendant, pennon, ensign, banderol
узкая лента
длинная узкая лента
slogan, motto, watchword, cry, catchword, streamer
имя существительное
a long, narrow strip of material used as a decoration or symbol.
plastic party streamers
I cast a big streamer pattern on a size 6 hook hoping for a big trout.
a streamer of smoke
Also effective are the modern streamer tyings rather akin to the ‘Appetizer’ rainbow trout lure but finer dressed.
It wasn't only the streamer headline; there was a leading article in big type.
It reminded me of a party streamer unrolling across the sky.
a streamer head in the student paper
a streamer fly
his appearance was announced with a streamer headline
The irrelevance of the streamer headline in a world racked by wars and threats of wars alarmed some of the newspaper's well-wishers.
a streamer of smoke