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streaky / полосатый, с прослойками, непостоянный
имя прилагательное
striped, tabby, striated, stripy, streaky, brindle
с прослойками
unstable, impermanent, fickle, changeable, inconstant, streaky
имя прилагательное
having streaks of different colors or textures.
streaky blond hair
Washington is streaky , but he has decent athleticism and the size to play defensive end.
To avoid streaky polish, paint nails in two thin coats, using just three strokes - right, left and middle.
Some are just plain streaky and unpredictable.
The attacker is described as white, with an Irish accent, streaky hair, which is possibly grey, and face stubble.
But the printer kept making streaky things on the paper, so I fruitlessly spent a half hour trying to fix that.
The Lincoln's Sparrow is a small, streaky sparrow, similar in appearance to the Song Sparrow, but smaller and paler than the dark Song Sparrows seen in Washington.
Women travellers should also avoid ill-fitting bikinis, armpit hair, white strap marks, streaky tans, cellulite, tattoos, body piercing and getting drunk.
It was brown and streaky with touches of yellow.
After the season, the 21-year-old with the streaky blond hairdo kept the entertainment coming.
I would call myself a streaky putter and I didn't putt well last year, apart from on two or three occasions.