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streak / полоса, полоска, жилка
имя существительное
band, strip, stripe, streak, lane, bar
strip, band, streak, strap, facia, fascia
vein, streak, nerve, string, fibril, fibrilla
streak, dot, speckle, dapple, flecker, mottle
streak, twinkle, glimpse, play, streak off
имя существительное
a long, thin line or mark of a different substance or color from its surroundings.
a streak of oil
an element of a specified kind in someone's character.
there's a streak of insanity in the family
cover (a surface) with streaks.
tears streaking her face, Cynthia looked up
move very fast in a specified direction.
the cat leaped free and streaked across the street
run naked in a public place so as to shock or amuse others.
He became famous for such antics as dancing on table tops, enlivening parties by performing bump and grind striptease acts and, once, streaking naked around a swimming pool.
the theatre is on a winning streak
They have a thin streak of white scales that extends above their anterior eyes.
Only the past two losses in the team's three-game losing streak were winnable.
They'd streak my hair cheap, and they used temporary dye.
a streak for charity
the team closed the season with an 11-game losing streak
A silver streak lined her neatly pinned hair, though age had not yet made it the dominant color.
Stock markets will break their three-year losing streak , but the recovery will be unspectacular, Irish business leaders said.
But if that losing streak from last season carries into 2003, all bets are off.
This cultured exterior hides a streak of juvenile depravity.