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stratum / слой, пласт, напластование
имя существительное
layer, bed, coat, stratum, sheet, ply
layer, stratum, seam, bed, sheet, ledge
bedding, stratification, stratum, superposition
имя существительное
a layer or a series of layers of rock in the ground.
a stratum of flint
a level or class to which people are assigned according to their social status, education, or income.
members of other social strata
Its key support comes not from Arab governments, which fear it for good reason, but from a thin but widespread stratum in Muslim society.
The decision to baptize chips under a thin liquid stratum will allow the making of circuits with features that measure the breadth of a virus.
Within each stratum , calves were randomly assigned to one of two finishing systems.
His goal in translating was ‘to get back to the first stratum of the language’.
It was the last week of October, and a stratum of dry leaves crackled beneath our feet while we walked.
In the current study, the test for heterogeneity was performed within each data stratum .
This process is of particular significance in the case of the working class, that social stratum said to have been most resistant to Nazi propaganda.
a stratum of flint
We assumed, in the statistical model, that censoring was independent of breast cancer risk within each stratum of stress.
First, there is a thin but very influential stratum of intellectuals - broadly defined, as people with Western-style higher education, especially in the humanities and social sciences.