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stratosphere / стратосфера
имя существительное
имя существительное
the layer of the earth's atmosphere above the troposphere, extending to about 32 miles (50 km) above the earth's surface (the lower boundary of the mesosphere).
The stratosphere extends above the troposphere to about 150,000 feet and is the region where the ozone layer is formed.
Nacreous and Noctilucent clouds form not in the part of the atmosphere in which we live, but much higher up, in the stratosphere and mesosphere.
Should further cooling of the Arctic stratosphere occur, increasing ozone losses can be expected for the next couple of decades.
I like to say his standards were in the stratosphere , which is of course where they belong, journalistically.
The authors demonstrate that the presence of stronger westerly jets in the stratosphere causes tropospheric weather systems to track further toward the pole.
Like nacreous clouds, these usually form slightly above the troposphere, in the dry and ice-free stratosphere .
her next big campaign launched her into the fashion stratosphere
Just above the stratosphere lies the mesosphere.
The current winter and early spring have been extremely cold in the Arctic stratosphere , leading to the potential for substantial ozone depletion there.
He's blasted the level of cuisine into the stratosphere .
The ozone layer is a thin layer of gas in the stratosphere which effectively screens out most of the harmful UV radiation in sunlight.