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strategy / стратегия, оперативное искусство
имя существительное
strategy, strategics
оперативное искусство
имя существительное
a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.
time to develop a coherent economic strategy
It is also a war strategy aimed at humiliating the enemy men by showing they are unable to protect their women.
The shelves are lined with books of military strategy and political analysis.
Once a draft plan for the strategy has been drawn up the people of Lancashire will be asked for their views.
Could it be that a trade association run by bankers would adopt a military strategy of its own?
One aspect of grand strategy in war which isn't obvious to the layman is the idea of initiative.
A series of exhibitions has been planned to explain the strategy and seek contributions.
Taken as a whole, this endeavour can be seen as a long-term strategy for winning the peace.
It is important for the US's strategy for a ground war that it is able to do so.
It requires a new attitude toward the battle and new strategy on the battlefield.
Control of information and propaganda has always been a central plank of war strategy .