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strapped / стягивать ремнем, скреплять ремнями, приторачивать
стягивать ремнем
strap, strap down, strap up
скреплять ремнями
имя прилагательное
short of money.
I'm constantly strapped for cash
fasten or secure in a specified place or position with a strap or seat belt.
I had to strap the bag to my bicycle
beat (someone) with a strip of leather.
I expected when my dad walked in that he'd strap him
For one thing, nothing is guaranteed in the financially strapped airline industry.
Do we boost public spending by helping fiscally strapped states and cities?
That makes them an attractive option for states with strapped budgets looking to reduce prison costs.
It would also drain resources from strapped states and charities.
Along with the big price tag came a belated recognition that a strapped U.S. could not bear the burdens alone.
It is the kind of football architecture you might expect from a strapped - for-cash English second division ground.
The 45-year-old doctor ran a locum agency providing cover for cash - strapped hospitals.
This soaring prison and jail population is a huge expense for financially strapped state and local governments.
Car buyers weren't so strapped last quarter that they couldn't take advantage of a good deal.
Does it seem like they're all pretty strapped right now?