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strangulate / душить, сжимать, перехватывать
choke, strangle, stifle, smother, throttle, strangulate
compress, squeeze, clench, contract, constrict, strangulate
tap, tackle, milk, strangulate
prevent circulation of the blood supply through (a part of the body, especially a hernia) by constriction.
a strangulated hernia
strangle; throttle.
the poor woman died strangulated
As the project is executed with aid from the World Bank, there may be several strings attached that may eventually strangulate the unsuspecting customers whose immediate need is water.
In the 1990s and beyond, institutions of higher education in Africa, especially the universities, must contend with several interrelated major problems, whose combined effect threatens to strangulate them…
If a child was doing it, it could encircle and strangulate part of the body and that would interfere with the blood supply.
The Government has decided to legislate, regulate and, as usual, strangulate .
This absorbs the human resources of the police and reduces their ability to strangulate the supply route.
These can get caught on objects and strangulate the child.
He has beaten up his mother and children and even tried to strangulate one child.
a strangulated hernia
As a consequence, the city is reduced to humdrum of brick and mortar breeding environmental and health hazards while strangulating human existence.
a strangulated cry