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stranglehold / мертвая хватка, удушение
имя существительное
мертвая хватка
stranglehold, strangle
suffocation, strangulation, asphyxiation, choke, stranglehold, thuggee
имя существительное
a grip around the neck of another person that can kill by asphyxiation if held for long enough.
Marco stuttered, and tried to loose the stranglehold at his neck.
Their limitations at midfield would catch up with them and a stranglehold of possession would limit their classy forwards.
If I were older, I'd catch him and hold him in a stranglehold .
In the 1970s and 1980s, the only way to breach the stranglehold of the state was to move to the West or the Gulf countries, where Indian entrepreneurs excelled.
The stranglehold placed on the regional economy by cuts to services together with delays to modernisation could be catastrophic.
When one is caught in the stranglehold of addiction, all other concerns become a backdrop to the craving for the next dose, the next big fix.
His eyewitness account describes the progressive stranglehold devised by the Turks and the sense of fatalism that developed within the city.
The baby has a small teddy bear in a stranglehold .
The arm seized him around the neck, tightening in a stranglehold .
At that moment, Lior sprinted toward the terrorist, jumped on him, grabbed him in a stranglehold , and dragged him six or seven meters away from the stricken policemen.
Caught in an economic stranglehold , the Punjab farmer is sinking deeper into debt with every passing year.