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strangeness / странность, непривычность, неизвестность
имя существительное
strangeness, oddity, weirdness, peculiarity, eccentricity, curiosity
obscurity, suspense, strangeness, peradventure
имя существительное
the state or fact of being strange.
But now, this t-shirt redeems all the other strangenesses .
one of six flavors of quark.
The short answer is that strangeness refers to the amount of strange quark content in a given baryon.
Closer inspection of Dee's lamb revealed even more strangeness .
For many others, learning Chinese is not for business but a life skill that helps conquer the feeling of strangeness in an unfamiliar city.
On the one hand the medium devours eccentrics because viewers find their strangeness exciting.
However, flipping through the first few authors, I was astonished at the calibre of writing, and amazed by its strangeness .
The film keeps returning to that image: the frightening strangeness of school-age kids in shorts, killing ruthlessly.
Even the name seems pregnant with significance - that defiant strangeness , those open, dreamy vowels.
We recognize it when we see it, even though it may be in the eyes of the beholder, whereas strangeness is by definition unfamiliar.
But there is no strangeness , only the familiarity of a shared past.
The point is simply the implosion of the system, the swarming strangeness of others, the futility of organizing inquiry.
In our modern understanding, strangeness is conserved during the strong and the electromagnetic interactions, but not during the weak interactions.