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strand / прядь, берег, стренга
имя существительное
strand, sliver, ply
coast, bank, strand, waterfront, riverside, waterside
сесть на мель
run aground, go aground, strand, take the ground, ground, strike aground
сажать на мель
ground, strand, beach
выкидывать на берег
имя существительное
the shore of a sea, lake, or large river.
a heron glided to rest on a pebbly strand
a single thin length of something such as thread, fiber, or wire, especially as twisted together with others.
a strand of cotton
drive or leave (a boat, sailor, or sea creature) aground on a shore.
the ships were stranded in shallow water
A single strand of wire encircled the top of both the exclosures and the open units to allow for similar seed input from bird defecation into all the units.
I opened it and a beautiful strand of pearls was there.
The scenery of this ancient coastline, from the golden strand of Lacken to Downpatrick Head to Belmullet is awesome.
I sighed with frustration as I failed to thread the strand of white cotton through the eye of the needle for the fourth time and stifled the urge to throw the needle across the room.
The Blessing of the Boats will take place on Saturday, June 5, at 5.30 pm in the front strand in Cromane Lower.
she turned to the mirror and picked up her three strand necklace of pearls.
Glass fibre cables can carry infinitely more information than copper wires and every glass strand needs a protective coating.
Littor strand has had a busy season with many locals and visitors enjoying the peaceful beach and calm waters.
And the fifth strand of the complex of arguments in this book is the following.
Roll a strand of pearls on flat surface to test them for roundness.