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straitjacket / смирительная рубашка, ограничительные меры
имя существительное
смирительная рубашка
straitjacket, camisole, strait-waistcoat
ограничительные меры
straitjacket, strait-waistcoat
имя существительное
a strong garment with long sleeves that can be tied together to confine the arms of a violent prisoner or mental patient.
And we were taken to be strapped together in an all-in-one straitjacket .
restrain with a straitjacket.
We have been locked in seclusion, placed in restraints, chemically and physically straitjacketed , lobotomized, shocked and beaten because we protested too much.
Men have long considered traditional marital roles ‘anemic and constricting,’ according to Real, and no longer being the sole breadwinner is a loosening of the straitjacket .
We must break through the mental straitjacket and realize that another world is possible.
After the treatment, we see her standing dazed in a straitjacket , muttering unintelligibly, her hair standing on end, sparks flying from her head.
Slipping on a straitjacket of simplistic logic, we come to believe that the disorder must, or at the very least should, be overcome by an application of willpower.
The pupils are hard at work and Blaine will be treated to a display including a lampshade which induces insanity, a multi-coloured straitjacket and a speech by each pupil explaining their work.
He once swam a mile with his hands and feet handcuffed together and did 12 lengths in a straitjacket .
There are undoubtedly areas where the government is moving more and more to straitjacket the courts.
the treaty should not be used as a tool to straitjacket international trade
This is a crude attempt to straitjacket the working class, to prevent it from adopting an independent class viewpoint.
Any form of independent resistance by workers, any attempt to break out of the straitjacket and control of the trade unions, is to be prevented under all circumstances.