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straighten / выпрямлять, выпрямляться, выправлять
straighten, rectify, right, flatten, erect, unbend
straighten, right, unbend, right oneself, sit up, draw up
straighten, improve, correct, chasten, planish
straighten, improve
straighten, spread, expand, smooth out, untuck
make or become straight.
she helped him straighten his tie
Even at night it's so good to straighten up and take a short break outside, standing on the porch or under the oak tree, looking up at the stars and breathing the good, cold fresh air.
it may be wise to straighten up and fly down wind a little
He has to travel to Bangalore at least once, in order to straighten things out and get his money.
If your house is always cluttered, resolve to clean or straighten up one room a week, or perhaps resolve never to go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.
I am nudging 5ft 10 in, if you can get me to straighten up and stop slouching for a minute.
she helped him straighten his tie
The pain is still there, and I can't really straighten my back anymore.
It is amusing to see that pedestrians would rather make a long detour to avoid the clutter than straighten up the mess.
He couldn't take a deep breath, couldn't straighten up or move.
she helped him straighten his tie