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straightaway / прямой, честный, откровенный
имя прилагательное
direct, right, straight, outright, straightforward, straightaway
honest, fair, honorable, upright, sincere, straightaway
frank, explicit, outspoken, open, forthright, straightaway
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, straightaway
движущийся прямо вперед
straightforward, straightaway
имя прилагательное
extending or moving in a straight line.
Alley hit a sinking line drive to straightaway center field that got by Day, who dived to make a sprawling catch but came up short.
имя существительное
a straight section of a road or racetrack.
Because of the long straightaways , the cars carry a lot of speed into the flat and sharp turns, which is where you'll see a lot of wrecks.
Just the addition of this no-nonsense straightaway runner, should ignite the running game behind an improved behemoth offensive line.
He is not a natural center fielder, and the depth of the balls hit to straightaway center are often the toughest to judge.
He disappeared down the straightaway stretch before I could realize what was happening.
Cheerful customers can then walk in and fire up their laptops straightaway , without fuss.
The fourth hole on the South nine actually has two greens - one that makes it play as a straightaway par 4, and another that turns it into a dogleg right.
Anyway, we didn't get back until after three that afternoon and straightaway I checked with Penman about the Meg situation.
As he is definitely among the top three cricketers India has ever produced, he will command the respect of the boys straightaway .
The course is short at 6,157 yards and fairly flat with straightaway holes.
A few lucky people become friends straightaway , soon after they meet or get introduced to each other.
Dr Wilson said that had Mr Collins been treated by medical staff straightaway he could still be alive today.