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strafe / атака с бреющего полета, ураганный огонь, наказание
имя существительное
атака с бреющего полета
ураганный огонь
drumfire, batter, strafe
punishment, penalty, chastisement, judgment, discipline, strafe
атаковать с бреющего полета
spread, carry, distribute, deliver, blast, strafe
swear, scold, abuse, berate, revile, strafe
имя существительное
an attack from low-flying aircraft.
Remember that a well-placed strafe will chew up an airplane on the ground.
attack repeatedly with bombs or machine-gun fire from low-flying aircraft.
military aircraft strafed the village
Remember that a well-placed strafe will chew up an airplane on the ground.
next morning they were to carry out a strafe of airfields in southern Greece
A government office that had been taken over by the militiamen and used to store ammunition was strafed by a helicopter gunship and then reduced to rubble by tank fire.
They strafed the trenches, killing twelve and wounding many others.
Allied forces quickly ruptured the German front and penetrated deep behind the lines, while Allied aircraft mercilessly strafed the retreating Germans.
Helicopter gunships and jet fighters systematically strafed the village, reportedly using information from spy satellites for targeting.
To get here they had traversed mile after mile of rugged terrain while strafed by aircraft.
Later, helicopter gunships reportedly flew over the area, strafing terrorist positions.
Air bases were attacked, ships were strafed and fuel dumps were blown up.
The frigate was covering the cargo vessels when the fighters roared in, strafed it with cannon fire, and hit it with four bombs that failed to explode.