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stowaway / безбилетный пассажир
имя существительное
безбилетный пассажир
stowaway, clandestine passenger
имя существительное
a person who stows away.
The two men inspected recently installed systems for checking passports and detecting stowaways on vehicles, including heartbeat sensors and gamma ray scanners.
Under the scheme which ran from April 2000 until December last year when the High Court made its ruling, drivers and freight operators faced a £2,000 fine for each stowaway found in their vehicles.
The shell-shocked stowaway was discovered running around the immigration detention centre at Manchester Airport after a flight from Jamaica.
Authorities in the southern Italian port of Gioia Tauro found a stowaway in a well-appointed container, fitted out with a bed, toilet, heater and water.
He soon finds himself sailing away from the port in the Melissa, one of the worlds most luxurious cruise ships, not as a stowaway but as a legitimate passenger.
Company bosses expressed surprise after three stowaways were found under the carriage of a train.
He said that the equipment - used to spot people hidden in lorries - was also needed at the Frethun rail freight yard, near Calais, because trains are also used by stowaways .
Many of the drivers complain that they had no reason to suspect their vehicles contained stowaways , and that they are being used as unpaid immigration officials.
Some 15 stowaways from India and Vietnam were found on-board a Finnish freighter that docked at Finland's eastern port of Hamina today, the police said.
In 1993 a Greek captain found African stowaways on board and flung them into the sea.
Both of them went to Seoul as stowaways on a train.