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stowage / укладка, штивка, груз
имя существительное
packing, stowage, set
cargo, goods, load, freight, loading, stowage
bookmark, marker, bookmarker, backing, stowage, pack
имя существительное
the action or manner of stowing something.
Meanwhile, parts of the hangar and flight deck aft were used as stowage areas for Royal Marines equipment.
The dry cargo stowage includes cargo ordnance holds.
In the present case, all damage caused by the negligent stowage is a single cause of action which is complete once any significant damage has occurred.
At times, additional limits may be placed on carry-on baggage based on the main cabin stowage capacity of specific aircraft.
The system weighs fish in the vessel's hold while at the same time recording relevant catch information such as fish species, size, grade and the time and date of stowage .
The enlarged sponsons provide additional stowage for carrying extra fuel, life rafts, floats or other equipment.
He watched as an attendant standing 10 feet away pushed a key fob button, lifting the rear decklid and retracting the three-panel metal roof smoothly, silently into the ample stowage compartment.
Another worthwhile detail is the large stowage box under the front passenger seat, which you can access by tilting the hinged seat base forward.
Integrated fuel cells and stowage containers give a streamlined appearance to the fenders.
Additional stowage boxes for small items are installed behind removable doors in either or both rear sides, while luggage in the main load area has a retractable soft cover.
Removable stowage boxes which fit into the rear footwells are available as an option.