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stow / укладывать, складывать, наполнять
lay, stow, set, settle, lay down
fold, add up, add, add together, sum, stow
fill, refill, fill up, imbue, charge, stow
fill, stuff, line, tamp, pack, stow
accommodate, hold, contain, house, receive, stow
pack or store (an object) carefully and neatly in a particular place.
the bathhouse offers baskets in which to stow your clothes
Security has provided us with keys to a store room - a place to safely stow our equipment while we move through the building.
If I have to stow the umbrella away for a large part of the year in Chennai, it needs to have as few collapsible parts as possible.
We stow our carry-on stuff, as well as our coats in the overhead, and proceed to the dining car where breakfast is just beginning to be served.
I accomplished the journey without incident but felt a great relief when I pulled up on the drive to unload the bags and then stow the car safely back in the garage.
She was unable to hold his gaze and turned away to stow her toothbrush in the pack.
I'm tired of having to stow my little three-inch-long pocket knife in my checked baggage.
the bathhouse offers baskets in which to stow your clothes
A large area below the lower bunk proved useful for storage, and you can stow empty luggage around the boat.
I wave and carefully stow my bike against the fence at the back of the beer garden.
She took five minutes to stow her stuff, then reported to Pip for something to do.