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storybook / сборник рассказов, сборник сказок
имя существительное
сборник рассказов
сборник сказок
имя существительное
a book containing a story or collection of stories intended for children.
The saga of tiny things abounds in children's rhymes, songs, storybooks and protected collections.
Movies often portray this same storybook image - that falling in love is really just that: falling, out of control, toward that one person who is meant to be with you and you alone.
After all, they reasoned, the tall ceilings, deep moldings, and storybook wraparound front porch made the house a good candidate for remodeling.
It was a charming wedding, filled with storybook happiness and, nine months later, I arrived.
Days disappeared in a flurry of sea and sand and the evenings became storybook forays to find a beach where we could barbecue sausages and toast marshmallows.
Do you own a twee, high-ceilinged, airy old-fashioned storybook home near York that you plan to leave for a few days next month?
In short, she was your everyday, run of the mill, storybook best pal - like the friends you get in Enid Blighton books or Disney films.
Our culture is also to blame, Huston says, for perpetuating the myth of storybook romance, which is more likely to doom a marriage than strengthen it.
The Dodgers' storybook season ended in defeat at the hands of the Yankees.
it was a storybook finish to an illustrious career
Sir Malcolm was a charismatic, storybook figure, who combined fierce ambition with a playful sense of adventure - as his expedition in 1926 to find buried treasure on the Cocos Islands showed.