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story / история, рассказ, сюжет
имя существительное
history, story, anecdote, business, biz
story, narrative, tale, narration, recital, anecdote
plot, story, subject, chapter
имя существительное
an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.
an adventure story
an account of past events in someone's life or in the evolution of something.
the story of modern farming
a part of a building comprising all the rooms that are on the same level.
a three-story building
It might have been a different story if I had ventured to a bar in town by myself, but who knows.
He himself didn't find out about his dad's heroism until years later, when he read the story in a newspaper article.
Shock revelations follow as the story unravels, the plot thickens and the audience grows more intrigued.
United kept on trying but it was the same old story —no luck
I cry every time I read a sad love story .
I'm going to tell you a story
Now, the fascinating story of the woman behind the pictures has begun to emerge.
How he arrived at that view is the story of his life and work.
When they win it's a different story altogether; they're everywhere, like a bad rash.
When a court official was dispatched by the judge to check the truth a different story emerged.