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stormy / бурный, штормовой, буйный
имя прилагательное
stormy, turbulent, rough, rugged, tempestuous, wild
stormy, hurricane, wild, troubled
exuberant, lush, wild, riotous, luxuriant, stormy
violent, outrageous, frantic, frenetic, berserk, stormy
предвещающий бурю
troubled, stormy
имя прилагательное
(of weather) characterized by strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.
a dark and stormy night
But when a lifeboat arrived in stormy weather to rescue the couple, they were told in no uncertain terms by the pair that they wanted to ‘sit it out’.
The atmospheric score and cinematography, especially of luscious New Zealand landscape and stormy seas, adds greatly to one's appreciation.
The divers, working from a platform sent from Norway, have been racing against the onset of Arctic winter in stormy seas.
Last week's ban on hunting with dogs was the climax of many years of stormy debate around the issue.
They ran into stormy seas and started their emergency distress beacon late on Friday night.
It portrayed a woman grasping a cross with both hands as she was being rescued from a stormy sea.
Her homecoming is somewhat earlier than expected, hastened by the recent stormy weather in the North Atlantic.
There was a pause as they looked out at the stormy sea and the gray sky.
Fury erupted at a stormy meeting when angry locals turned up to fight plans for two mobile phone masts in York.
The court was told the couple, who were married in 1980, had a stormy relationship.