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storming / штурмовать, кричать, бушевать
storm, assault
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, clamor
rage, storm, bluster, rave, ramp, tear
chafe, storm
стремительно нестись
имя прилагательное
(of a performance, especially in sports or music) outstandingly vigorous or impressive.
his storming finish carried him into third place
move angrily or forcefully in a specified direction.
she burst into tears and stormed off
(of troops) suddenly attack and capture (a building or other place) by means of force.
Indian commandos stormed a hijacked plane early today
(of the weather) be violent, with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.
when it stormed in the day, I shoveled the drive before Harry came home
He had a storming game against Norwich last week but he needs to do it more if he is not to be put in the permanent shadow of his team-mate from Portugal on the opposite wing.
Several storming runs marked him out as the epitome of a modern prop.
Shortly afterwards they wowed music lovers with a storming show and they are now returning by popular demand.
After a storming first round, Foster and Clarke had a costly mix-up.
Clearly upset, the Ilkley midfielder proceeded to make amends and had a storming final 40 minutes.
Trailing by four points with eight minutes left, the team put in its usual storming finish to score three goals and a point in the remainder of the match.
The singer, who started her world tour last Thursday, finishes her storming set by walking through the crowd with a group of bodyguards.
Baildon has put itself on the local sporting map with storming starts to the summer season - in both golf and cricket.
Comer trailed 25-26 at the break but put in a storming second half performance to come out on top by eight points.
It was Dungloe's storming finish which derailed the Cork side.