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stork / аист
имя существительное
имя существительное
a tall long-legged wading bird with a long heavy bill and typically with white and black plumage.
Other migratory birds observed in the shallow waters were bar headed geese, open bill storks , northern pintails, gadwalls, curlews, black tailed godwits, spoonbills, green shanks, red shanks and so on.
Shannon's mommy told her that babies are delivered by the stork and don't you try and tell her any different.
It assumes we haven't evolved from those kindergarten days when we believed in the tooth fairy and in the stork as the source of babies.
I wondered if the stork had dropped the baby off at the wrong house.
A little girl, about the age of Peter, is going on about how a stork brought her mommy's baby.
These forests are home to rare animals like the black stork , vultures and the Spanish Imperial eagle who depend on the rich diversity of these cork oak forests.
The finishing touch was a sculpture of a 7ft high stork , complete with baby, made by metal artist Peter Robinson.
Congratulations to Michael & Mary, who had a visit from the stork during the week with the arrival of their new baby son Declan.
The black stork , black vulture, and endangered Spanish imperial eagle, of which only 130 pairs remain worldwide, are among the 42 species of birds that depend on the cork woodlands.
That's the Chinese equivalent of the old American tale that babies are dropped off by a stork at expectant parents' homes.
There is a reason for these statistics and it's not that the stork is going mad and dropping babies off in the wrong places, it is that teenagers are having unprotected sex.