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storeroom / кладовая, цейхгауз, подсобка
имя существительное
pantry, storeroom, larder, storehouse, buttery, stockroom
storeroom, arsenal
имя существительное
a room in which items are stored.
There are pantries and dressing rooms and storerooms .
The library will feature a reading room, communications room, office and a storeroom .
Their accounts varied on the fire's location, with some saying it was in a storeroom or the engine room.
There is a storeroom and a utility room plumbed for a washing machine and equipped with a Georgian laundry sink.
He stepped into the storeroom , a small room with bare walls, and shelves lining them.
He planned to occupy only a small room at the rear which was originally used as a storeroom .
It was also said that the work of investigators was being hampered by a refusal by museum staff to provide inventories, to reveal the location of safe depositories, and to open storerooms .
Teachers at the school are forced to use spare rooms and storerooms as classrooms and face great difficulties working with special needs students.
At first floor level are three bedrooms and a bathroom, and on the second floor another bedroom and two attic storerooms .
The building is within five minutes walk of the town centre and features three storerooms and a cold room.
There are pantries and dressing rooms and storerooms .