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storekeeper / кладовщик, лавочник
имя существительное
storekeeper, stockman
shopkeeper, storekeeper, shopman, tradesman, merchant, chandler
имя существительное
a person who owns or runs a store.
Ironmongers, specialist tool merchants, and general storekeepers retailed the products of a large and complex toolmaking industry.
a person responsible for stored goods.
Industrial workers consist of operatives, maintenance workers, storekeepers , packers, cleaners, basic supervisory staff and apprentices.
With increasing pressure on his time, he passed over the day to day responsibilities to one of his ablest and most enthusiastic assistants, the former storekeeper of the hospital.
Some 1,400 printing workers at the printing company went on strike on August 27 to demand reinstatement of a company storekeeper .
Michael ran to the storekeeper and had him pack the snow globe, keeping the price tag separate, but hidden.
Simply put, the storekeeper who offers low prices and top quality will draw more customers and beat his competitors.
She is unique to me in that she always dresses so ‘man-ish’, works as a storekeeper in a large industrial part of town, driving a forklift and loading huge boxes onto trucks for hours.
He was making a living as a storekeeper in Oxford, and he had purchased a small farm a few miles outside of town.
He specialized as a storekeeper in the air cargo unit.
The major ended his days as a storekeeper in a London factory after being relieved of command of the Polish Parachute Brigade after the disastrous Operation Market Garden during the Second World War.
Javier was summoning the storekeeper , a young man with a shock of black hair and white skin who was smoking behind the counter, when his gaze fell upon a pile of cassettes stacked haphazardly on top of the glass.
Tim was a storekeeper on the fast frigate USS Wadsworth.