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storehouse / склад, кладезь, кладовая
имя существительное
storage, store, storehouse, depot, repository, cast
storehouse, depository, depositary
pantry, storeroom, larder, storehouse, buttery, stockroom
имя существительное
a building used for storing goods.
Beside the town of Habuwa are remains of dwellings, storehouses and administrative buildings dating back to the Hyksos and the New Kingdom periods, as well as a great many ovens for baking bread to feed a large number of soldiers.
Making use of the storehouse of the unconscious, the automatism of contemporary technologies, and the power of collective action, such groups present us with a truly alternative mode to the production of knowledge.
Wasn't this place supposed to be a storehouse for treasure?
an enormous storehouse of facts
But with his passing we have lost an irreplaceable memory, a vast storehouse of historic knowledge, and one of the last members of the generation that brought modern ways to the Canadian Arctic.
He is a storehouse of the history of our Carnival and a true ambassador for our culture.
Women always have a richer storehouse of vocabulary that they inherit from their mothers and grandmothers.
an enormous storehouse of facts
Like many, I've found the Bible a storehouse of wisdom and life.
In the Upanishads, the veritable storehouse of Indian philosophy, the sublime and the mundane, occasionally even the ludicrous, co-exist.
The book is a storehouse of knowledge on each of the 42 constituencies and will be on sale nationwide for €19.95.