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storefront / фронтон магазина
имя существительное
фронтон магазина
имя существительное
the facade of a store.
Groups of 100 to 1,000 would congregate outside a Chinese laundry and launch a hail of rocks and stones to smash windows, storefronts , and doors.
a room or set of rooms facing the street on the ground floor of a commercial building, typically used as a store.
a bright storefront eatery
a bright storefront eatery
Across the windows of the storefront , Mr. Stolowitz had lettered FREE SHOES in huge strokes of brown latex paint.
They've recently opened a storefront on Centre Street North - no milling or baking at this site, but plenty of baked goods and free slices available.
The storefront has a warm and accessible beer house feel, and with the addition of big windows, the whole place has an atmosphere of openness and transparency.
The architects approached the design by thinking of the store as having two facades: the exterior storefront and the interior wall.
Will you operate out of a storefront or office building?
I've joined a food co-op with a storefront on Agricola Street that aims to supply local and organic food at affordable prices.
Lining its streets are storefront retailers selling ethnic foods, jewelry, and clothes.
The restaurant occupies a matchbox-size space among the storefront shops on Sullivan Street.
Their home is one of an isolated clutch of doleful, boxy structures, their alimentary needs met by a tiny storefront shop, their streets unlit, even unpaved.