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store / магазин, склад, универмаг
имя существительное
store, shop, magazine, trade, depot, crib
storage, store, storehouse, depot, repository, cast
department store, store, emporium
store, keep, guard, preserve, retain, file
accumulate, store, pile up, pile, amass, stockpile
имя прилагательное
ready, prepared, willing, made, ripe, store
spare, reserve, emergency, standby, auxiliary, store
spare, emergency, alternate, store, reservation, duplicate
имя существительное
a retail establishment selling items to the public.
a health-food store
a quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed.
the squirrel has a store of food
a sheep, steer, cow, or pig acquired or kept for fattening.
Dry cows and heifers will suffer no setback through being indoors for a couple of weeks and next in line would be yearling cattle and forward stores .
keep or accumulate (something) for future use.
a small room used for storing furniture
Over the longer term the dollar's biggest failure has been as a store of value.
Memorates and personal narratives are something else, however, and she has a store of such narratives.
By being people that others respect and admire, we build up a store of power we can use for projects of our own.
The small size of his store makes it impossible for him to stock all the titles.
As Ray opened the door to a store of some sort, Rhea saw all of the weapons and armors.
Having a good sense of humour doesn't mean you have to have a store of jokes or tell them perfectly.
the squirrel has a store of food
During these five years, the child builds up a store of knowledge about the environment, masters motor skills, and learns to look after itself.
there's a loaf of store bread
a grain store