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stopover / остановка в пути, транзитный билет
имя существительное
остановка в пути
stopover, stop-off
транзитный билет
stopover, stop-off
имя существительное
a break in a journey.
the one-day stopover in Honolulu
It's difficult to appreciate the unique flavour of the place in a quick stopover between train and boat.
They had been in negotiations with race organisers with a view to Leith being the penultimate stopover , but the Dutch port has won the bid.
Yes, if you break one of these US laws you might find yourself arrested and thrown in jail next time you travel to or enjoy a stopover at a US destination.
The airline now runs daily flights between the two cities with a transit stopover in Vancouver.
They had a quick stopover in Seattle before continuing on to Beijing.
a brief stopover at Shannon Airport
an inviting stopover between Quebec City and Montreal
The delegation will have a two-day stopover in New York en route to Haiti and a one-day stopover in Los Angeles on the return trip.
This small farming township is a welcoming stopover about 90 minutes drive from Hastings.
Best known as a long-haul stopover en route to destinations like Bali and Australia, it is an easy first step into Asia.