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stopgap / затычка, временная мера, паллиатив
имя существительное
plug, gag, stopper, peg, bung, stopgap
временная мера
stopgap measure, stopgap
palliative, makeshift, stopgap
имя прилагательное
temporary, temporal, interim, provisional, transient, stopgap
имя существительное
a temporary way of dealing with a problem or satisfying a need.
transplants are only a stopgap until more sophisticated alternatives can work
Their solution is probably a stopgap , just like the quick fixes the present government give to their monsoon-damaged roads.
The nursery was so oversubscribed there was no space when she needed it, forcing her to find a stopgap at short notice, where Ella had to stay for four months.
Welfare would now be an emergency stopgap between jobs, not a reward that government gives you for being poor for as long as you stay poor.
As a stopgap measure, water distribution is being regulated with the flow being turned on at certain times while they look for other solutions to the problem.
The monarchical institutions established in 1814 were thus no more than a temporary stopgap .
Even if the situation demands that you do something at the moment, let it be clear to everyone that it is a stopgap measure.
That effort was described as a stopgap until the broader branding effort was set.
transplants are only a stopgap until more sophisticated alternatives can work
While eating vegetables is the most nutritious way to go, drinking them is a handy stopgap - and far better for your body than grabbing a soda.
Global moderation was my first stopgap , because the comments were being swamped with adverts.