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stop / остановка, конец, останов
имя существительное
stop, stopping, halt, stoppage, standstill, pause
end, ending, stop, finish, tip, close
stop, arrester, lock, dog
stop, pull up, can, bring to a stop, bring to, set back
stop, stay, halt, shut down, arrest, stall
stop, dwell, stay, halt, pause, shut down
имя существительное
a cessation of movement or operation.
all business came to a stop
a set of organ pipes of a particular tone and range of pitch.
the effective diameter of a lens.
(of an event, action, or process) come to an end; cease to happen.
his laughter stopped as quickly as it had begun
cause (an action, process, or event) to come to an end.
this harassment has got to be stopped
block or close up (a hole or leak).
he tried to stop the hole with the heel of his boot
I'm trying to stay calm but every time I see the adverts on the telly, I can't stop smiling or giggling.
you'll have to stop the night
It is too late to stop the leak when the vessel is in the midst of river.
Sara covered her mouth so she could stop herself from calling out to him and giving away her position.
he grew nervous about the deal and asked his bank manager to stop the cheque
On the return journey a stop was made at Phimai to explore the wonderful ruins.
Your client may not be able to stop the process even if they change their mind.
Kiara had to clamp her hand over her mouth in order to stop herself from exploding with laughter.
He came to a stop outside a large metal door and punched in a few keys on the panel to his right.
The signs are saying that we need to trim our spending to match our earnings and that we need to stop eating into our savings.