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stoop / сутулость, веранда, падение
имя существительное
slouch, stoop, droop, round shoulders, round back
veranda, verandah, porch, terrace, piazza, stoop
drop, fall, incidence, falling, decline, stoop
tilt, lean, bend, tip, incline, stoop
bend, stoop
имя существительное
a posture in which the head and shoulders are habitually bent forward.
a tall, thin man with a stoop
the downward swoop of a bird of prey.
We were watching Annie, another centre falconer, luring a young lanner through a pattern of stoops and dives after a pair of meat-garnished, dried wings swung on a long cord.
a porch with steps in front of a house or other building.
We've been sitting on the front stoop of an unlit house, blinking into the darkness, waiting, or so we thought.
bend one's head or body forward and downward.
he stooped down and reached toward the coin
lower one's moral standards so far as to do something reprehensible.
Craig wouldn't stoop to thieving
I think it's absolutely despicable that anyone could stoop so low as to steal something from a children's ward.
I even let James kiss me on the stoop and it feels okay.
It ended with a long kiss on my stoop and his promise to call the next day.
The fact that he is willing to stoop to this sort of outright revisionism in order to make his point demonstrates the abject lack of substance to his arguments.
The Sunday New York Times, wrapped in blue plastic, already was on the front stoop , and the smell of coffee was floating up from the kitchen.
I found this out recently when I suddenly got the urge to go, having seen a falcon stoop at a distance as I was driving.
He walked with a stoop and a rolling gait, the once upright take-on-the-world stance of the magnificent athlete now reduced to a shambling stagger.
Momentarily, I will get up, take a few steps down the hallway, and peek out onto our front stoop .
He does not stoop to deny the charge against the president, instead he points out the signifier of the true moralist: the man who tears up the constitution when politically expedient.
I'm sure nobody around here would stoop so low as to put their muck in our dustbin, but word gets around about these things and you may not realise the lengths some unscrupulous types will go to.