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stonework / каменная кладка, каменные работы
имя существительное
каменная кладка
masonry, stonework
каменные работы
имя существительное
the parts of a building that are made of stone.
They were never fond of the cramped, partitioned rooms with their low, timbered ceilings and heavy stonework , but the family quickly grew attached to the friendly neighborhood.
The location calls out for sensitivity to the existing classical stonework and architectural elements.
the stonework was repointed
High-sided heavy lorries, whose drivers have not spotted the height warning sign there, have been smashing into the structure, knocking chunks out of the stonework and shaking the building to its core.
a masterpiece of clever stonework
There had been no datable finds from the first excavation, but the quality of stonework was so good that the excavators thought the buildings must be contemporary with brochs.
Unlike the subtle white and cream stonework that would be employed by the masons of northern realms, the Rim palace was built of a dark material that had nothing of the airy grace and coolness of northern buildings.
Indeed, several of the architectural details, such as glazing grooves in the stonework , place the building within a few years of 1560.
With its finely carved stonework and arched colonnades, this old building still possesses all the majesty of the middle ages.
As a millennium project it was decided to clad the concrete porch structure with stone so that it would blend in with the beautiful stonework of the main building.
Their origins as a firm of stonemasons can be seen in the quality of their stonework , which was described as second to none.