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stoned / под кайфом, очищенный от косточек, мертвецки пьяный
имя прилагательное
под кайфом
high, stoned, loaded, boxed, junked up, spaced-out
очищенный от косточек
мертвецки пьяный
dead drunk, stoned, pissed
имя прилагательное
under the influence of drugs, especially marijuana.
he was up in the deck chair getting stoned
throw stones at.
policemen were stoned by the crowd
remove the stone from (a fruit).
halve, stone, and peel the avocados
build, face, or pave with stone.
Over another is a honey- stoned manor and a Grade 1-listed Gothic orangery.
His dope addiction was anything but under control, he was so stoned he couldn't function a lot of the time.
So I had all this time on my hands with nothing to do; or I thought there was nothing to do because I was stoned all the time.
People are not going to forget their responsibilities overnight, nor is everyone going to start turning up to work stoned .
I remember it made more sense to me when I was stoned than straight.
It was both empowering and slightly surreal, given my supremely stoned state.
Samuel was dead serious, even in his stoned state he knew a little about what was going on.
It's fitting that this looks like it will appeal to stoned teens, because it feels like it was written by them too.
We cannot have drunk drivers going around on the streets, and I don't want a stoned one to knock me over either.
It was 10 when John rolled in with a beatific smile, clearly stoned .
The boy band are unlikely to last much into next year but not because of the classic rock cliches of getting stoned and violent.