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stoma / устьице
имя существительное
имя существительное
any of the minute pores in the epidermis of the leaf or stem of a plant, forming a slit of variable width that allows movement of gases in and out of the intercellular spaces.
Leaf stomata control plant CO 2 absorption through photosynthesis and water loss through transpiration.
An ileostomy with two openings includes an open stoma for effluent and another stoma for a mucous fistula.
Previously it has been due to cancer, however, this time it was because I had developed a very large hernia, which was causing great problems underneath my stoma (the opening created to replace my bowels).
A single lesion involving a tracheotomy stoma was treated with the direct application of the probe without using the bronchoscope.
One may speculate that the differences in rates of bleeding and infection can be explained by differences in the tracheostomy stoma following these two techniques.
You have no speech at all and your airway is moved to a stoma in your neck.
Note the characteristic long and straight stoma of Rhabditidae, the well-developed teeth at the base of a short stoma of Diplogastridae, the well-sclerotized stoma lining in Panagrolaimidae and the stoma lining divided in several elements of Cephalobidae.
The aperture of the skin barrier should lie within 1/8-inch of the base of the stoma, close enough to protect the peristomal skin yet large enough to prevent trauma to the stomal mucosa.
Decannulation of these patients was done by either, fenestrating the tube and corking the stomal end of the tube to test for patency of the airway, direct one-time removal of the tube, or by sequential use of tube of decreasing size.
There was 1 case of tracheo-oesophageal fistulae, 3 cases of postoperative dysphagia and 11 cases of stomal stenosis.
Once stomal edema and abdominal contours have stabilized (generally after 6 weeks), precut or special-order systems may be obtained.