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stoke / топить, поддерживать огонь, подбрасывать топливо
heat, drown, sink, stoke, fire, stoke up
поддерживать огонь
keep in fire, keep on fire, stoke
подбрасывать топливо
add coal or other solid fuel to (a fire, furnace, or boiler).
On washdays, the tub was filled with cold water using buckets, and a wood or coal fire was stoked up.
I remember my father going out to stoke the furnaces to make sure they didn't go out.
These ads are geared to stoke voter emotions and fears to hammer a candidate on a controversial issue.
But the caretaker who has to stoke six boilers each day, cart 12 puds of fuel, carry water on her shoulders so that staff can wash their hands, she receives 12 rubles, has no work clothes, no day off, and no holidays.
This was enough to stoke fear and panic among them.
On a dank autumnal afternoon in Glasgow's west end the light is liquid, a day to draw the blinds and stoke the fire.
Unanswered, its effect is to stoke resentment and encourage conflict.
It stokes fears and antagonisms so familiar that they're apt to seem natural.
I am totally stoked for you that you've received the go-ahead.
It's very smoky and mysterious and we all sit in silence while a very serene Lap lady in traditional blue and red embroidered costume moves around the room, stoking the fire and watching us carefully.
We lit a bunch of candles, stoked the fire and watched our neighbor decide that a power outage was a good time for snowblowing.