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stoic / стоик
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
stoic, stoical
имя прилагательное
of or belonging to the Stoics or their school of philosophy.
I found the juxtaposition naive, given my background in Stoic philosophy of managing the passions in public life.
имя существительное
a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.
The modest, by contrast, realise that, in the sum of history and geography, they're but a tiny, passing crater, and the stoics know that human pain has to be suffered and can't just be railed against.
a member of the ancient philosophical school of Stoicism.
One school of ancient philosophers, the Stoics , developed a distinctive view of Medea as part of their ethics and psychology.
And in that kind of instance you would need a judiciary that is stout and stoic in the face of differences of opinion with the regime.
a look of stoic resignation
He and his pals are stoic in the face of any criticism of their team.
Mostly they were stoic as the tiniest details of the family's nightmare were revealed.
Some looking stoic , others with tears quietly trickling down their caved in faces.
But Statham's delivery is strictly grim and stoic , utterly without humour.
All the handmaidens cheered, but the Lady stood to the back of them, her face stoic .
The movie detective is an archetypal Western hero: stoic , logical, and doggedly determined.
I suspect that if you have been trained to be stoic , this probably diminishes your ability to sense pain.
Marilyn was a stoic and determined woman, with a clear vision.