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stodgy / скучный, тяжеловесный, тяжелый
имя прилагательное
boring, dull, tedious, blah, uninspired, stodgy
heavy, ponderous, stodgy, elephantine, graceless, labored
heavy, hard, severe, difficult, grave, stodgy
имя прилагательное
dull and uninspired.
some of the material is rather stodgy and top-heavy with facts
(of food) heavy, filling, and high in carbohydrates.
Lumpy custard, stodgy stew and cold mashed potato used to be stock jokes in British playgrounds about old-style school dinners.
Expecting some stodgy Slavic comfort food, I was surprised to get deep-fried fish goujons with sweet and sour sauce.
The two aunts, originally meant to be stodgy and throwbacks to the Victorian age, come across immediately as warm, lovable eccentrics.
Lunch will not be a bowl of additive-laden, over-salty canned soup or a stodgy sandwich thickly smeared with butter.
On the cultural end, I found that people in either city were quite ready to dismiss the production of the rival town as stodgy and unimaginative, or conversely, flashy and empty.
Conversely, great skiing can't compensate for stodgy service or uninspiring interiors.
Samsung has transformed itself from a stodgy Asian original-equipment manufacturer into one of the hottest brands in the world.
Two tarts, with the sort of over-refrigerated, crunch-free pastry that you get on supermarket tarts (wavy edge included), the pastry of similar thickness to the stodgy filling which had cracked on top.
Right now, compared with everything else that's happening on the Web, AOL is boring, stodgy , and stuck in the mud.
Restaurants so often let themselves down at the last by serving unimaginative or downright stodgy desserts.
Only the sizzling Mongolian lamb hotpot, mayo-slaughtered wasabi prawns, the stodgy dumplings and leaden-battered soft-shell crab were truly terrible.