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stodge / сытная еда, тяжелая еда, неинтересная идея
имя существительное
сытная еда
full meal, stodge, square meal, square
тяжелая еда
неинтересная идея
tuck into, walk into, stodge, shift
есть с жадностью
gorge, raven, tuck into, guzzle, devour, stodge
имя существительное
food that is heavy, filling, and high in carbohydrates.
she ate her way through a plateful of stodge
dull and uninspired material or work.
Instead there is a formless narrative stodge , a summary report of a life, high on biographical fact and very low on the literary qualities he valued most.
Offer this stodge to people before dinner and they'll eat it.
Walking off all this stodge doesn't really involve a tour of Helsinki's historical sites, galleries or museums.
If it's stodge and solace you need, then the hearty Scottish breakfast will do the job.
There is much said about how thick or thin a risotto should be, it should be just as you like it, but not a lump of over-cooked stodge .
This is comfort food at its best, whether you crave warmth, sweetness and stodge or simply want to feed your nostalgia.
From the bruschetta and garlic bread starters to the pizza and pasta main courses, they were all satiating themselves on stodge .
Having endured the worst of American food for the best part of our holiday, with huge portions of inedible, sugar-laden stodge , this was the straw that broke the camel's back.
I've noticed the return of a familiar tightness in the belt area over the past few weeks, which might not be entirely unrelated to the amount of cold-weather stodge that I've been eating recently.
Toddlers, whose television-watching and eating habits are decided for them, are less susceptible to the lure of marketing men than their parents, who were themselves raised on a diet of stodge .
she ate her way through a plateful of stodge