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stockroom / склад, кладовая
имя существительное
storage, store, storehouse, depot, repository, stockroom
pantry, storeroom, larder, storehouse, buttery, stockroom
имя существительное
a room in which quantities of goods are stored.
Brothers and sisters work in the cellars, stockrooms and vineyards.
I thought he was one of the paperboys and it was only when he turned away from the stockroom towards the till that I knew something was up.
Another problem faced by the European stockroom was the fact that the quantities of hard-copy forms available from the St. Louis publications distribution center were severely limited.
In response, the United States Army Central Command hired a contractor to run a forms stockroom in Kuwait.
Gradually our stockroom , attics and cellars became full and in the autumn it was time for my bed to be moved into the upstairs ‘best’ sitting room.
Today the crew organizes a stockroom for excess inventory that will inevitably accumulate as distribution centers truck goods - sometimes too many - out to stores every week.
Corporate honchos routinely install video cameras at ‘watch stores’ with high shrink, the lenses pointed at registers, the stockroom and the manager's office.
Seasonal stock has been arriving by the truckload, so much so that the operations staff have run out off space in the stockroom and have started dropping it in the store canteen.
However, if you don't foresee an obvious pick up in demand coming, the increase could mean that unsold goods will simply collecting dust in the stockroom .
The following afternoon she came into the store from the stockroom , stopping in the doorway as she saw the tall blonde man rifling through the cash register.
She worked in a hospital stockroom , adjacent to the mail room.