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stockade / частокол, форт, укрепление
имя существительное
stockade, palisade, paling, pale
fort, stockade, post, presidio, frontier
fortification, consolidation, reinforcement, stockade
огораживать частоколом
укреплять частоколом
имя существительное
a barrier formed from upright wooden posts or stakes, especially as a defense against attack or as a means of confining animals.
Villages of 300 to 600 people were protected by a triple-walled stockade of wooden stakes 15 to 20 feet tall.
enclose (an area) by erecting a stockade.
Terraces and stockaded villages were scattered in the high mountains on both sides of the Nujiang River.
he surrendered two weeks after escaping the stockade at the air force base
He spent just three days in a military stockade before President Nixon ordered his release.
Another day and you would have been in the stockade .
White guys in the stockade had fringe benefits.
A new stockade built in 1717 of wooden stakes quickly fell to ruin.
That is enough for my mind to start doing time in ‘Silver City,’ the stockade in the Philippines.
The stockade performed so many favours for the town and outlying farms that it was quite okay by the townsfolk.
we got ashore and into the stockade
Hurrying across the paved stone road, they came up to the gate of the wooden stockade wall.
When the savages began to encircle the livestock, the herdsmen attempted to drive the cattle into the stockade .