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stock-still / как столб, неподвижно
как столб
still, fixedly, motionlessly, tranquilly, at pause, stock-still
имя прилагательное
fixed, still, motionless, stationary, immobile, stock-still
without any movement; completely still.
he stood stock-still
Miriam stands stock-still , a look of shock on her face.
I desperately tried to hold my breath, to stay stock-still and make as little noise as I could.
he stood stock-still
I caught a quick glimpse of Abby in the room, sitting stock-still , no movement apparent.
Curiously, the footage of her performance on that day showed this audience not quite as keen - indeed, they stood stock-still and looked bemused.
I stand stock-still , too shocked to defend myself.
He bowed as well as he could in the crowded atmosphere and left her, standing stock-still in surprise.
He stands stock-still , and glances over the crowd.
The figure stood stock-still , silent and unsuspecting.
The girl instantly ceased her movement, standing stock-still as she turned blazing eyes on Chris.