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stock-in-trade / запас товаров, оборудование, инвентарь
имя существительное
запас товаров
equipment, facilities, furnishing, installation, plant, stock-in-trade
inventory, stock, implements, furniture, list, stock-in-trade
имя существительное
the typical subject or commodity a person, company, or profession uses or deals in.
information is our stock-in-trade
He was a local consultant whose stock-in-trade was introducing companies into the premiums and incentives markets; he had first met him in 1992 at a trade show.
We must first dismiss (with regrets) the conceptual equipment and interpretations that had been our stock-in-trade throughout the decades in which we relied upon the community study.
Take his other big stock-in-trade , photographic collages, of which there are several on the walls.
And bits, bytes, and bandwidth are fast replacing the three Rs as schools' stock-in-trade .
Life-defining events, like marriage, birth, and death, are a florist's stock-in-trade .
However confident and bright the consultant may be, coming straight from business school he cannot hope to provide the wealth of practical experience that is the consultant's stock-in-trade .
The value of the company's stock-in-trade varied from $400 to more than $850, with $140 of income.
In your business, innovation is your stock-in-trade .
In the making of the sloops, brigantines, barks, and other vessels that were the stock-in-trade of Kingston's shipbuilders, hundreds of deep holes needed to be bored through heavy, oak timbers.
He used this professional leeway to venture away from his stock-in-trade gospel/soul sound into balladry and country music, meeting with a good deal of success.