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stipulate / обусловливать, ставить условием
determine, condition, stipulate, govern, postulate, control
ставить условием
stipulate, postulate, provide
demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of a bargain or agreement.
he stipulated certain conditions before their marriage
имя прилагательное
(of a leaf or plant) having stipules.
Both have woody trunks and woody roots as well as stipulate leaf bases.
This observation contradicts his view that the stipules of Lactoris are probably not indicative of relationship with other stipulate plants.
Both have woody trunks and woody roots as well as stipulate leaf bases.
If the contract stipulates eight bank holidays can be taken as paid leave in addition to holidays, June 3 will not count.
The colour of the cladding was stipulated as grey but what was provided was yellow.
The system stipulates the rules and requirements that must be observed by the two parties.
The contract also stipulates the cottages cannot be resold separately and must be kept in use as holiday homes for at least 10 years.
Among the requirements is an agreement stipulating the areas of collaboration between the foreign design firm and its mainland counterpart.
All personal data of both stipulators will be used for interrelationship needs only.
The requirement was stipulated in his bail conditions, a top prosecutor said on Tuesday.
When presented with a contract stipulating their duties, they just sign it and reach for the keys.