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stipendiary / оплачиваемый, получающий жалованье
имя прилагательное
gainful, stipendiary
получающий жалованье
salaried, stipendiary
имя прилагательное
receiving a stipend; working for payment rather than on a voluntary, unpaid basis.
stipendiary clergy
имя существительное
a person receiving a stipend.
Yet litigants appeared reluctant to do without their services and utilize those of ‘freebie’ stipendiaries provided by Parliamentary legislation in 1792.
The secretary of the Southwark diocese explains that centralisation of stipendiary obligations has taken place in conjunction with devolution of more day-to-day duties.
He currently is chairman of stipendiary stewards at the Western Australian Turf Club, a position he has held since 1989.
I am a non- stipendiary clergyman; a chaplain working with people with disabilities.
They included stipendiary ministers, who will take up full time posts at local churches and Ordained Local Ministers, who will work part time on a voluntary basis in their home churches.
Immediately after the race stipendiary stewards lodged an objection against Gatecrasher on behalf of Distinctly.
He had suspended him after he allegedly swore at a steward and physically assaulted a stipendiary steward.
He will also speak tonight of his concerns about problems concerning pensions for retired clergymen, saying that there are now more clergy and their spouses being paid pensions than there are ordained stipendiary clergy.
More than 1,200 women are now in stipendiary posts, despite 1,000 parishes - about 10% of the total - passing a resolution stating that they will not accept a woman priest.
He said: ‘Because of the financial problems that the Church experiences today, we have had to cut down on the number of stipendiary clergy we can have in the deanery.’
He was the first person, for example, to institute stipendiary stewards at race meetings, before the VRC or the VATC did.