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stipend / стипендия, жалованье
имя существительное
scholarship, grants, grant, stipend, award, bursary
salary, pay, stipend, compensation, fee, emolument
имя существительное
a fixed regular sum paid as a salary or allowance.
The rise was ‘three per cent - a percentage in line with the rise in stipends for all clergymen,’ he said.
The Webwatcher program is free for participants, who also receive a stipend to cover expenses.
It might embrace paying the artist a regular stipend or retainer in return for exclusive rights to sell their paintings.
We could go anywhere and have tuition paid while receiving a small stipend to help with living expenses.
Usually the farmer will be paid a regular stipend - like a wage - rather than for the produce itself.
The junior doctors are demanding better amenities in all three medical colleges and the dental college, implementation of the senior residency scheme and regular payment of stipends .
The money would be used to establish a facility and offer stipends to twenty to twenty-five fellows each academic year.
Other grievances include non-payment of stipends , salary arrears, and a pay freeze for waged workers.
The low level of clergy stipends is often justified on the basis that the ‘free house’ that goes with the job is worth an extra £6,000 to £7,000 a year.
Most fellowships do not provide stipends above the salary of a junior faculty member, and there is often nothing in place for the institution to supplement their pay, he says.
Percentage of departments providing stipends , expense reimbursement, and recognition for participating faculty was between those in the other two groups.