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stink / вонь, скандал, зловоние
имя существительное
stink, stench, reek, pong, fetor, funk
scandal, scene, fracas, stink, roughhouse, affray
stench, stink, fetor, malodor, fetidness, mephitis
stink, reek, hum, pong
быть омерзительным
имя существительное
a strong unpleasant smell; a stench.
the stink of the place hit me as I went in
a commotion or fuss.
no matter how nice the restaurant is, wacko Meg has to make a big stink and embarrass the rest of us
have a strong unpleasant smell.
the place stank like a sewer
be very unpleasant, contemptible, or scandalous.
the industry's reputation stinks
имя прилагательное
having a strong or unpleasant smell.
stinky cigarette smoke
One theory was put my way when the stink over Coke and Pepsi broke out which I present now for your consideration.
If the council wishes to take action I will be quite pleased because I will really raise a stink about this.
Once I tried reading the Herald on a car trip to Sydney, but it's a broadsheet and with the newsprint stink , I spewed all over the business pages.
He is out of office because he's raising a stink ,’ says a Taradale resident.
The stink in the dining room is as bad as garbage smell.
York council's plan to change the rubbish collection from weekly to fortnightly has caused a right stink , as one whiff of our letters pages confirms.
The huge mounds of refuse have gone and so has the stink .
They prove their mettle daily, without making such a stink .
The project's caused quite a stink among victims' rights groups and staunch conservatives.
Interestingly, even though the stink from this particular city stretch is so powerful that strong men quaver, the authorities are apparently contemplating introducing boating in the Canal.