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stingy / скупой, скаредный, скудный
имя прилагательное
stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly, miser, covetous
stingy, miserly, niggardly, mean, tight-fisted, penny-pinching
scarce, meager, scanty, scant, lean, stingy
имя прилагательное
unwilling to give or spend; ungenerous.
his employer is stingy and idle
Don't go for too much destruction with your weapons however as the game is at times rather stingy with its ammo supply.
Meanwhile, on the same news day, we got word that while CEOs were being stingy with wages, they were going on a wild spending binge in another area: mergers.
We don't want to be stingy with those mortar rounds when the enemy is coming over the ridge.
I work for a real estate firm that is extremely stingy with perks like that, even when it would benefit them
A U.N. official backs off from some comments that some nations are stingy with international aid.
Plus, I don't understand how he can be so generous with his girlfriends (I recently found out he has more than one) and then be so stingy with his own children.
He's stingy with the details of his life, yet she can't help but be intrigued.
Columbia has been a bit stingy with the scene selections, only allowing for 16 in the course of the 135 minutes.
Over the years, he's studied a considerable amount of information about supplements, and he's very stingy with his shelf space.
My problem is that Harpercollins is being really stingy with the Anansi Boys proofs.