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stilted / высокопарный, неестественный, ходульный
имя прилагательное
stilted, bombastic, grandiloquent, pompous, sonorous, magniloquent
unnatural, stilted, hammy, stagey, affected, forced
stilted, hammy
имя прилагательное
(of a manner of talking or writing) stiff and self-conscious or unnatural.
we made stilted conversation
standing on stilts.
villages of stilted houses
In a stilted manner, he replied, ‘I didn't do too badly.’
The slightly stilted animation and cheesy synthesized pop music are here in all their glory.
The graphics in the 2D sections of the game don't look too bad, although some of the animations are pretty stilted .
Some of the dialogue is delivered in a stilted manner, and some of the plot devices a bit forced.
It is a stilted glitch house that emerges- and one that maintains a different kind of funk- one that is cut off at every opportunity, one that is not free flowing, but one that demands attention.
The stilted , awkward conversation of the first ten minutes - as each circles, trying to discover the other's motives for the meeting - quickly gives way to a horribly compelling, recaptured intimacy.
Everyday life currently seems to consist of one long round of awkward, stilted conversations.
The show works best when it gives the illusion of spontaneity, but there is the occasional awkward, stilted conversation that is obviously neither natural nor scripted.
There were long periods with little to no dialogue, and what dialogue there was felt stilted and unnatural (but that may have been the intention).
Sweeping back his unruly fringe on a breezy hotel terrace, the burly White House veteran still has the demeanour of a veteran political campaigner, steely and unyielding behind his folksy southern manners and slightly stilted bonhomie.